Thank God for His blessings that he has bestowed upon me. I thank God for inspiring me to write such a book and for making me bold enough to NOT exempt myself from inclusion. People related better to realness, and that is what I provide and possess. The Lord has been SOOOO good to me, IN SPITE OF… I can just leave that part blank because I have done SO much, that I’m sure anyone else would have given me the big boot a long time ago; but oh what a God we have. “He’s been good to me, more than this ol’ world could EVER be” ….I Won’t Complain.

He STILL loves me even after all that I’ve done. Lord, I thank you! Forgive me of my sins and transgressions, in Jesus name. Thank you for placing me in a truth teaching church home (Future Church of Christ Holiness U.S.A), where I could acquire the proper knowledge of your Word. Thank you for walking with me during the tremendous trials and tribulations that I’ve had to face that only You and I knew about. Thank you for supporting me when I disappointed you sooo many times. Thank you for healing me, my mind, my body, and most importantly … my soul. Thank you for blessing me with the best son a man could ever ask for; Jordan E. White! He is such a good son, gives me NO trouble and already loves YOU. Lord, thank you for making me a visionary, and giving me the spirit of discernment, (though I don’t use it wisely all the time). Thank you for my family, who has had my back THROUGH IT ALL. I love each of you, ma, gma, and D. Thanks Lord for placing in my life a POSITIVE circle of friends, that I can learn different things from. Thank you for the foundation. Thank you for the haters and naysayers, and giving me the strength the manuever through, over, and around them gracefully. Lord, what would I do without you??????  You’ve continued to give me such success with this book and it’s still building now. I know you will continue to be in the midst during the next 4 books that are coming. You are such an on time God. I love you, and can’t no one tell me that you don’t exist! I know better! You gave me my biological father when I thought I’d NEVER meet or see him in my life; NOW we tight! Who got a God like mine??? NO ONE.

Thank you for placing your hands on “THE FULLY-SEASONED MAN’S RELATIONSHIP RECIPE”!

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